Investment Property Appraisal

Treadwell & Associates Inc has built a strong reputation helping potential real estate investors to purchase investment property at very low prices. Our expert knowledge of the market allow us to identify foreclosed homes and serve as a distressed home buyer to ensure that you get the greatest value for your dollar. We specialize in investment property appraisal and all land appraisal services.

We also offer real estate consulting services to investors looking for commercial real estate and are in need of a commercial appraisal. We know that finding the right type of investment is important for your future, and we take great care researching and choosing properties that fit within your budget and requirements.

Real estate investment offers many personal and financial benefits. Whether you are looking to rent a home or renovate and resell, the advantages are many. Our expert advice helps investors maximize increased cash flow and potential tax benefits. Owning an investment property also builds your investment portfolio by offering a secure way to diversify.

Contact Treadwell & Associates Inc in Southgate, MI today if you are in need of an investment property appraisal.


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